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Fuel Solutions


Fuel Cells

The Desert Fox 3L and 6L flexible Fuel Cells easily fold away when not required. Developed specifically for long distance bike touring it eliminates the need for heavy and bulky jerry fuel cans.  Lots of attachment points make attaching the cell to your bike easy.  Plastic spout included for easy pouring.
















Fuel Tanks

A 5 Litre Adventure Fuel Tank for those trips where your tank capacity just isn't enough to get you to your destination.  Stackable and can be mounted to any of the Toys2Go pannier racks with our fuel adaptor bracket.









Toys2Go Fuel Adaptor Bracket for the RotopaX and Pioneer Plastics Fuel Tanks


Accommodates both the RotoPax standard mounts as well as the Pioneer Plastics tank.

Simply attaches to your existing Toys2Go pannnier racks already equiped with welded tabs.  The tabs are now standard with all our pannier rack products and can be used for mounting tool tubes too.

A RotoPaX only option is available.