Brief Company History

At Toys2Go, we are avid adventure motorcycle enthusiasts. In 2013, whilst looking for luggage solutions for our Honda XR650L's, we found the market offered limited local (South African) choice and imported products were prohibitively expensive and often with long lead times. 

After a frantic two week period to manufacture some home-made luggage racks (which didn't go very well), we knew there must be a better solution out there. The first professionally built XR650L frames came off the production line in September 2013.  

Toys2Go has been rapidly expanding by paying attention to what's required in the local market, actively engaging and listening to the requirements of our clients and making sure that we offer a personal, effecient and effective service.  Subsequently, we have an expanding international client base that we service too, with distributors currently in both the UK and Australia.

Product Overview

The Toys2Go product range currently has a strong focus on off-road adventure motorcycle accessories, but we do not limit ourselves to any specific brand or genre. We are gradually expanding our manufacturer support base and our product range. However, if we don’t have an off-the-shelf product for your motorcycle yet, we are always willing to look at customising an existing product or do a new design based on your own requirements.  Everything in our standard product range has been field tested by ourselves and/or our fellow bikers and we are constantly improving the designs based on feedback. We pride ourselves on quality, yet affordable products.